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Our appraisal provided in this report is an opinion of value based on our professional judgment, analysis, and assessment of available data. It is an opinion only and not a guarantee, warranty or legal valuation. Risks of investment property There are risks related to the acquisition and sale of investment property, and you purchase or sell investment property at your own risk. We base our opinions and recommendations on known comparable sales and market trends that exist at the time of preparing this document and do not make any financial guarantees. We make reasonable efforts to gather accurate information, but we do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness and the appraisal is an opinion only, not a legal valuation. You should seek and be satisfied with your own legal and financial advice and carry out any other research necessary before making financial decisions. We make no representation, guarantee, warranty, promises or undertaking as to the: (i) suitability of any properties purchased or sold by you; or (ii) any financial viability or guarantee in respect of your property purchases or sales. You should make your own enquiries before any property purchases or sales, including obtaining the appropriate legal and financial advice. To the maximum extent allowable by law, we, our agents, and employees will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you in relation to any property purchase or sale. Property as an investment Property is generally a relatively illiquid asset class and it is often difficult to gain access to funds quickly if the asset needs to be sold. While the ownership of property with a reasonable rental yield can assist with expected holding costs, residential property can also incur unexpected repairs costs and there may also be periods where the property is vacant, and no rental income is received. For the above reasons, we consider that property is generally most effective as a long-term investment (minimum 10 years), with time in the market allowing both the rental income and the market value of the property time to grow and compound in a tax-efficient manner. Therefore, it is also considered important to maintain a reasonable cash buffer in case of unforeseen repairs costs or vacancy periods. Buying property with the potential to renovate or develop can be the most effective strategy and use of your borrowing capacity. gameplans.com.au price predictions gameplans.com.au provides predictions of sale prices. gameplans.com.au price predictions are based on a range of data sources which are subject to availability at the time and as such predictions may not be available for all property plans.gameplans.com.au price predictions are a guide of potential sale price. It is not a guarantee of the property's value. 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