Do what you love

Personally for me, one of the biggest attractions to property as an asset class was a means to an end, build up a portfolio and “Passive Income” stream that would eventually replace my income. Most I talk to initially sit in the same boat, not wanting to purely rely on a pension or super heading in to retirement and find an alternative method to exit the rat race. Having shifted from PAYG income and building my own portfolio, to now building a business around constructing portfolios, It solidifies that it does actually take decades to build out that passive income dream. Working decades in an unfulfilling environment to hopefully one day fulfil a dream of getting out of the unfulfilling environment seems ludicrous to me. I now view my portfolio as firstly a generational play, but also as a store of wealth in the meantime until I can hand it over to the next generation. If you’re looking to retire quickly through property, unfortunately, it’s a long term game with majority of the returns reaped much further down the line. If you’re “unhappy” during that long term then what’s the point of dedicating 30 years to it? Do what you love now, find a way to get paid for it, and store that pay in something secure.

Jordan De Jong

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