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Every second headline is saying something different about the property market right now, but here’s my top 10 reasons on why it isn’t currently “Crashing”: 1. There’s an additional $321 billion in the Australian economy since pre-pandemic. 2. No APRA changes to lending regulations. 3. RBA are holding firm on the cash rate. 4. The construction industry is still working off its covid high. 5. No property “Policy Changes” have been announced for the up coming election. 6. Job creation & wage growth are the best they have been in nearly a decade. 7. Housing affordability when measured as mortgage repayments against household income is the lowest it’s ever been. 8. Although higher CPI brings fear or higher rates it also brings fear of holding cash and the need to move into assets. 9. International Migration is starting to trickle in. 10. There’s a ton of overdue Aussie BBQ’s happening and many everyday Aussies have done well in property over the last 18 months.

Jordan De Jong

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